Monday, April 8, 2013



End of last month, Wiida and I went to Wondermilk & Hello Deer at Damansara for attending The Cupcakes Show. I guess there are 4 types of cupcake and red velvet is one of them. Yes! I ate all of them. You know, I can't describe how happy I am. It was super duper crazy feelings!

They have coffee shop, mighty burger festival, instagram contest, pasar ahad and many more. I bought two blouses at pasar ahad. Seriously, I'm totally in love with it. RM20 for one blouse. So cheap, right?

Mighty Burger Festival

Burger Semut. Have you tried this kind of food? OMG, I wonder if I can easily forget when I eat semut. haha.

We have enjoyed taking photos and joined instagram contest. That's why we must take a lot of photos! Congratulation to the winner. Oh ya, I met Wiida's friends. From the left, Atiey, Shaza, Wani, me and Wiida. After done with the cupcakes show, we both went to One Utama to buy some of perfume collections from Victoria's Secret. Please read my previous post. OMG I am shopping addict. Psstt tolonglah anak raja datang pinang saya. Hahaha. Seriously, it was an awesome day. Till then, dada!

p/s: wrting without typos is totally oudated


  1. bestnyaaaa pergi wondermilk on that day. i teringin nak pergi. tapi still in jb that time. sobss.

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