Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Hello beautiful readers! As all you know, I have been tagged by my friend, Wiida about "What's in my handbag" post. Kindly visit her blog (wiidaribbon.blogspot.com) Hey hey, are you really want to see what is in my handbag? *talk like a princess* Actually I have been waiting to talk about this kind of post but I didn't have much idea to think. hehe. Thank you for tagging me. Much love XOXO

For your information, my mood determines what I bring. Yes, I bring different bag to different occasion. I love handbags and love to make it as my collection. So now I want to share what I have in my bag. Hew hew.

My makeup bag

So called emergency kit:
Facial tissue
Wet tissue
Nail clipper

Favorite items:
L'oreal True Match Compact Powder
Maybelline Lipbalm
Victoria's Secret Compact Mirror
Victoria's Secret Bombshell
Hand Cream

Revlon Lipstick
Maybelline Color Tattoo
Red Earth Blush

Almost 2 years old Hovis purse. (Wanted to buy a new purse. Sophie brand maybe?)
Galaxy SIII
RapidKL card
Starbucks Card (I am starbucks addict! Hahaha)
RHB Easy-Smart Card (Hoyeah hoyeah I need to bring this card everywhere bcoz I'm shopaholic!!)

Yeah, I don't have much to say. Just post a few photos, few words & thanks for reading :) I'm glad if you enjoy reading my blog. hehe. Babai!!


  1. ni yang Wiida tag tu kan? ily tak sempat buat lagikk :P

    ointment penting :) if sakit kepala ke.. ade org bau busuk ke.. bole terus letak kat kepala n hidung haha :)

  2. tissue itu sangat penting. mesti bawak kemana-mana :D

  3. RHB card tu ter sangat lah penting! Wajib kena bring along whenever we meet up. Hahaha. :P


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